14 Causes of Fatigue and Sleepiness and How to Fight Them

Fatigue Cause No. 11: Heart Disease

Sometimes, you feel fatigued while performing normal activities at home or at work. These activities can be as simple as cleaning your home, gardening, walking or jogging. If these simple activities cause fatigue, it may be a symptom that your heat has gotten weak. If you feel that the tasks that were once too easy for you, have now become increasingly difficult, you should consult your doctor.

Solution: Heart diseases can be controlled and you can restore your energy by a few lifestyle changes, some therapies and light exercises.

Medications to Treat Heart Failure

Fatigue Cause No. 12: Shift Work Sleep Disorder

People who have jobs that require them to change their shifts are very likely to develop fatigue. Their routine and tough lifestyle does not provide them enough time to rest properly. This can disturb their routine and they might find it difficult to sleep during the day and feel tired when they have to wake up at night.

Solution: For such people, it is suggested to create a dark, cool environment in their bedrooms even at day time when they are supposed to sleep. Sunlight can interfere in their sleep. If this does not help, they should talk to their doctor and get some medications and supplements.

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