14 Causes of Fatigue and Sleepiness and How to Fight Them

Fatigue Cause No. 3: Sleep Apnea

Sometimes people think that they are getting the proper sleep that they need but sleep apnea is the reason why they get disturbed during their sleep, without even knowing. Sleep apnea causes you to have pauses during breathing, one or several times at night while you are sleeping. This interrupts you and wakes you up several times for some moments, but you may not know this. The person having sleep apnea thinks that he has slept for the proper recommended time but the distractions caused by sleep apnea make him sleep deprived. Doctors often order sleep study to check whether you are suffering from sleep apnea or not.

Solution: Being overweight can be a reason behind sleep apnea so you need to lose some weight to treat it. If you are a smoker, you need to quit smoking. Also, you may need a CPAP device that keeps your airway passages open while you are sleeping.

Sleep Debt

Fatigue Cause No. 4: Not Enough Fuel

Your body needs all the basic nutrients to function properly. If you are eating too less, or you are eating unhealthy food, you are very likely to get fatigued. Eating a balanced diet helps maintain your blood sugar levels and prevent the unenergetic, tired feeling that you develop when your blood sugar level drops.

Solution: Never skip your breakfast and eat food that is rich in proteins and complex carbs. Eggs with whole grain toasts are a healthy option. You should also eat small, light snacks and meals throughout the day so you do not lose the energy.

Eating Disorder Outpatient Treatment

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