14 Causes of Fatigue and Sleepiness and How to Fight Them

Fatigue or lethargy is a little different from weakness but is a feeling of tiredness and can be treated by rest periods. The causes behind fatigue can be mental or physical.

Some of them are mentioned below:

Fatigue Cause No. 1: Not Enough Sleep

Our busy lifestyles may not let us have enough sleep. A proper sleep is very important for our mental and physical health. A sleep of seven to eight hours every night is recommended for adults.

Solution: Make it a habit to take a proper sleep regularly. Keep laptops, mobile phones and televisions out of your room so you do not get distracted. If it still does not help, get consultation from a doctor as you may be suffering from some sleep disorder.

Symptoms Sleep Deprivation

Fatigue Cause No. 2: Hypothyroidism

There is a small gland, called thyroid gland that is present on the base of the neck. This gland is responsible for controlling the metabolism (the process that involves several reactions of our body for conversion of fuel into energy). When the thyroid gland is not working properly and is underactive, it results in a slow metabolism, that ultimately causes you to feel tired, less energetic and results in weight gain.

Solution: You should go for a blood test in order to know whether your thyroid gland is alright or not. If you are suffering with hypothyroidism, you are given synthetic hormones to compensate the loss.

Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism

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