13 Exotic and Nutritious Foods to Try for Better Health

We know how conscious you are about your health. It’s the beauty of this century that people now focus on what they eat, what healthy ingredients are in them and if it is beneficial to them or not.

If you are healthy, you will remain fit, smart and active. Unhealthy people tend to become dull, boring and also depressing. Depression is actually one of the worst times. So to avoid them, stay healthy by trying new foods. Be a bit adventurous. But keep in mind that they are healthy or not.

If you don’t know how to pronounce these exotic foods’ names, that doesn’t mean you can’t try them. Host of Cooking Channel’s Eden Eats, Eden Grinshpan, considers that men should widen their taste buds. “If any ethnic food can be related to existing items of your pantry, you can interchange it with something that will add an exotic taste to your dish”. Grinshpan also states that “Your date might be impressed by you if you add something adventurous and new to a dish.”

Here are 13 unique foods that pack a surprisingly high nutritional value.


Japan’s National fruit is said to have anti-ageing properties especially the peel.

Persimmon Nutritional Information


This super-fruit of all is packed with anti-oxidants and important fatty-acids that can help enhance libido.

Cupuacu Benefits

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