10 Things Nurses Wish You’d Stop Doing

Nurses are the most selfless of human beings. Each day, they bend over backwards to make their patients feel comfortable and revived, they disregard their aching feet and breaking backs, and perform their duties with fierce dedication. They are amazing care providers, and they are also the ones who we most interact with at hospitals. Indeed, they are the front liners who will always be there to take care of emergencies, and of course, deal with all the nuisance that is created by irritable and disturbing situations.

Being at the hospital requires a certain decorum and behavior so that one does not make a nurse’s job difficult or create disturbance for the other patients. Here are 10 irritating habits that nurses wish we would all drop.

1. Crowding over the patient

Your concerned and agitated situation is very understandable but the whole point of bringing the patient to a hospital is to conduct examinations and heal his pain. However, if you’ve crowded up the room with visitors who accompanied the patient, how will the nurse ever be able to take vital signs, examine the intravenous lines and provide suitable medication until the doctor arrives?

Crowding into a hospital room

Professional nurse practitioners say that no more than two visitors should be present in the hospital room, particularly when there is another patient lying there as well. And a very annoying habit is sitting on an empty hospital bed if there is no other patient. That empty bed is not a place where visitors can sit, and the nurses will just have to strip the bed and set it all over again.

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