10 Quick and Easy Hacks for Curing Bad Breath

Bad breath is a kind of problem that too has a problem, and that is people are not going to tell you on your face that your mouth stinks. This doesn’t mean they don’t notice; they do but they find it embarrassing to tell you. According to the Institute of bad breath, 35% to 45% of the people are suffering from the problem of bad breath of halitosis. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassing about, because at some point in our life, we often face the condition, due to any reason.

Like there are several remedies with which you can get rid of dandruff, there are also some easy life hacks that can help you cure the bad breath. The first and foremost step is to find out if your breath stinks. How do we do that? Fortunately, we have 3 very easy and simple test that can help you check if you have bad breath.

Three Tests For Bad Breath

Have a look at these tests that can lead you to the first step of cure:

TEST # 1: The colour test

Bad Breath: The Color Test

This is the first and one of the easiest and quickest way to check either your breath is fine or not. Just stick out your tongue and observe the colour.

If it is pink, this means your breath is fine and the tongue is in good condition. Or if it is white or yellow, this means it has some bacteria on it and causing your breath to be smelly and stinky.

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